Today Elmina and CapeCoast castle are historical sites that have been restored by the Ghanaian government. Visit the sonic world of the castles and dungeons by downloading the Slave Castle Sample Pack. These sounds serve as a tool to interpret, interact, and produce content around its history therefore giving the world more access to historical and cultural knowledge. 

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade started in Ghana, West Africa. European colonizers either traded or kidnapped West Africans from their villages, forcing them to walk hundreds of miles to Elmina or Cape Coast Castle. Many died on their forced walk and even more died in the dungeons of these castles. Those who survived, experienced life in the dungeon for up to three months before being sent across the Atlantic Ocean on ships. 


  • 50 Loops, One-Shots, and Sound Recordings

  • Ambiance of Slave Dungeons, Atlantic Ocean, and Environment

  • Loops of African Drumming, Melodies, and Vocals

An original instrumental showcasing these sounds is below: