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Solidarity Studios begins with a simple premise: giving people the tools and resources they need to tell their story and galvanize their communities around the issues that affect them most. What is more powerful though, is when these communities connected through the Solidarity Studios network are able to trade more than musical tips--they are able to trade strategies and stories to help achieve justice. With this in mind, we are bringing the youth and communities of Occupied Bethlehem, the Southside of Chicago, and Cape Town, South Africa together under one set of mobile music studios meant to inspire solidarity and help spark additional change (in addition to awesome music of course).

Each Studio starts with one fully portable music studio which fits into a standard backpack, inspired by the successful Beat Making Lab project. We build on this though by bringing our team of professional musicians and activists together with local colleagues to teach the first cohort of students an intensive curriculum of end-to-end music production and organizing history. They'll learn successful models in which the arts and music have been employed in other communities globally, especially from the other Studio sites which share so much common history and culture.

Additionally, we are also working with professional filmmakers in each location to document the stories of the artists and their community.

Our incredible community partners already know how to engage youth and other stakeholders through the arts. Many of the projects they do around social justice and community issues are infused with art and so our program will only empower and amplify their existing initiatives.

Most importantly, Solidarity Studios will connect our artivists and community partners in these locations with like-minded people from other cultures who are eager to understand their struggles and draw out parallels with their own experiences.. They're excited to develop true bonds of solidarity.

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The Solidarity STudios Network

  • One Laptop loaded with state of the art production software and samples.
  • One USB Midi Keyboard
  • Studio Monitor Speakers
  • Headphones
  • Microphone
  • Backpack
  • Professional production instruction from our team and local colleagues
  • Cross-studio collaboration events